MyNetworkOKC is a group of business professionals who’ve come together to improve the business community in the OKC area.  We come from a wide variety of specialties and backgrounds ranging from service professionals to white collar businesses.  Ranging in a wide variety of products and services including retail, food service, home services, legal services, business solutions, and personal wellness solutions, we’re sure to have members who can help you with your needs.

We originally came together as a business networking group so that we may grow our customer base, as well as increase our own individual abilities to provide solutions to our clients through referring them to trusted providers of products and services that we each individually may not provide.  Because our contacts are so valuable, we’re picky about who we trust them to.  Because of this our members have all been checked for respectability in the local business environment. They’ve also each agreed to hold each other accountable to integrity backed guidelines for the way they do business and deal with their customers.

If you’re a business professional who’s been considering using a business networking group as a way to build your clientele base, MyNetwork is here to help you reach your goals.

If you’re a visitor who’s needing to find a service provider.  No problem, you can choose the type of provider you’re looking for from the dropdown menu on the right hand side of this page and you can rest assured that you’re in great hands with our members.

The purpose of MyNetworkOKC is to develop and exchange quality business referrals to each of our Members. MyNetworkOKC is a professional organization that allows only one person from each profession to become a Member; therefore there is no competition for referrals in your business. Becoming a Member of MyNetworkOKC is like having an entire sales force working for you. MyNetworkOKC provides a structured and supportive referral system to all Members.

We are currently interested in increasing our network by adding groups in the South Oklahoma City, Midwest City, and Yukon areas.  If you are a professional near one of these areas and would like to learn more about MyNetworkOKC, please send us an email or  visit one of our chapters and let us know.